Can’t we just be friends?

I witnessed one of the ugliest moments I had ever seen in a group chat yesterday.

I am not going to name names of who was causing the ugliness.  But the irony of the whole scene was that it took place in the Second Pride Festival chat.

A well meaning soul affiliated with a progressive LGBTQI congregation with a presence in RL and SL offered information about service they were having.

He got “attacked” by someone in the group who was venting at him because in the attacker’s mind all religions or denominations are anti LGBTQI.

Two things went wrong in this scenario – the well meaning soul didn’t get cleared to drop the info into the group chat.

The attacker lowered himself to the ugliness that the hardcore anti-LGBTQI “religious” groups throw at us.

If we are truly going to move forward we need to take the high road – teach, educate and really TRY to be positive.

Rant over.