We Need some inworld infrastructure work

Just like in RL roads and bridges need repair work.  Let me share with you the following that I just posted on my G+ page.  I would have posted it on Facebook, but they deemed me not real.

I have been playing an inworld game called GTFO! which is a freight delivery game using vehicles in world. My friend Otto and I recently acquired a parcel on the Jeogeot continent. We discovered that the sim crossing adjacent to our property was dangerous. it acted like pavement was phantom and sometimes would just send us flying or tip us over. Well I filed a ticket. Got to visit with the Lovely Evie Linden on Saturday as she attempted to fix it. She was not so elevated to the Land team. Today Guy Linden stopped by and did some Linden magic and fixed the road. Sent me a note apologizing for the issue. I thanked him for fixing it but told him this issue was rampant. Sent him 2 more photos from the next sims going North on Route 10. I think its time the Moles got out to fix the issues with the roadways. +Second Life +Ebbe Altberg

Its time to put the Moles to work and fix the road and bridges in SL.  I personally think alot of people don’t use them because of the sim crossing issues.  I wasn’t kidding its a rampant issue.  Also I know several bridges that need some shimming up.  I have fallen through some, can’t for the life of me now remember where.

Click the picture for description

That is all.


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