Sailing and the Avi Crop Circles

I am out sailing with Rainbow Sails Yacht Club.  It’s a periodic fun thing I like to do.

We run into an issue on occasion of ocean sims (with low avi counts) jam packed with bot avis on the seafloor making it impossible to pass.

I mean seriously I would love to be able to run my business in SL with no land or tier overhead, to just be able to park it where i wanted and use public land for profit. Today’s case in point Unster sim.

I know that SL can track avis to IP addresses.  So it wouldn’t be hard to warn and with repeated offense ban the abusers.

The public lands in SL are for the enjoyment of all not to be used as a base of operations to make money.

Rant over.

#banthefreeloadingbots #SecondLife