Pride month has ended for this year. But Pride goes on all year long. I have been thinking back to a post i made last year. I wanted to share again.

It has been a joyful and exhilarating month. As we remember those who came before us who fought hard for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Miss Marsha P. Johnson for one.  She was one of the prominent forces behind the Stonewall Riots.

Every year there is a celebration of Pride in New York, sponsored by Broadway Cares – Equity Fights AIDS, featuring some of the best and brightest talent on Broadway.  This year Broadway Bares did a stunning celebration of #Stonewall50.

At the end of the performance in the video above please note

“Let us not forget those who came before and on whose backs we stand, We honor them. Those who fought and sacrificed So much we honor them. Those who believed in a better place for us all.  We honor them with PRIDE.

Remember and be thankful. #Pride #PRIDE #Stonewall50 #BCEFA

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