The Greek Isle Gatch Event

The Stuff Gang and Designers are at it again. The Greek Isle Gatcha event features a wide selection of designers from all the stuff groups.  The event runs Aug 1 through Aug 31.  Here is your ride.   OMG – its time for Gatcha crack (grins).  I can’t count how many are here but there are mens, womens, and homestuff designers and gatcha machines everywhere you look.

I got in on opening day and scored 2 of 3 rares Black Label Menswear.  This line has been one of my favorites for sometime.  They were the first mesh designers that I found that really understood how to fit the larger male avi.

The BLM gatcha has 9 nicely done shirts and sweaters in the common category and 3 items listed as rare.  As I said I got lucky and scored the suit and the leather coat.

The suit I am wearing is part of BLM VersaSuit system, consisting of 10 suit colors, 50 shirts and 220 ties.  You can buy one suit, then pick up add-on HUDs to increase your shirt and tie options.

BLM_001 copy

Until next time – Daddybear out.


The suit – BLM VersaSuit VS I am wearing L pants and XL Coat/Shirt.  Available at Greek Isle Gatcha. The event runs through the 31st of August.

Hair – Clipper Cuts – Sebastian – Grey – by Jaryth’s Barber Shop

Glasses – primOptic Fifty Glasses

Pose – from my Akeyo TrueMan hud

Watch – Oil Rubbed Bronze Chronos Watch by Culture Fine Jewelry

Ring – .:L&B:. (C) (M) Plati “Celtic Soul Mate” Wedding Band v1

Location – The Vanbeeck Gallery – Lionheart Nala

L&B – new leather jacket – “Racing”

L&B has just released a new leather jacket called “Racing” Leather Jacket Set for men.  This is a great work. It lives up very well to the reputation for design and texture detail.

This jacket comes in 7 different sizes  – yes 7 ranging from XL to XXS.  so everyone should be able to find something to fit.

There are oh so many options to this jacket.  It can be worn just jacket.

Racing Jacket no shirt shown with Moto jeans.
Racing Jacket no shirt shown with Moto jeans.

It can be worn with a t-shirt add-on that is tucked or not and it comes with a Track Top add on that can be worn either tucked or not and over the top of the t-shirt add on.

Racing Jacket shown with track jacket add on and moto jeans.
Racing Jacket shown with track jacket add on and moto jeans.

The great hud has so many options on it that this can be worn just about anywhere.

The new jacket from L&B "Racing."
The new jacket from L&B “Racing.”

On the hud there are 6 leather options, 18 t-shirt options, 4 options for the track top, and 2 options for the hardware options.  So many options and opportunities here.  There are also 2 alpha options, one for the the jacket with the add-ons and one without.

Its hard for an avatar of my size to find mesh that will fit properly.and still look good.  I tend to go back to the same vendors because i easily know what size i need to and should wear.  I have found that the Large size at L&B usually works pretty well for me.  I like the slightly snugger fit look.

So all in all Great Job.  Daddybear highly recommends.

additional credit.

Pose – Pose Frame V4 M by Image Essentials

Limited Edition Lapointe & Bastchild goodness

OK I just happened to hear about this unique event called “Project Limited” by chance. Tried to get in but it was full for HOURS.  Well found today that L&B is there.  Ok – have a secret man crush on Paul and his designs.

Well this event features some limited editions of items from a wide variety of designers.

Got this msg in my Facebook timeline

Wow… what can I say.. our fans are the greatest! You guys bought all 80 copies of the Grimm Royale jackets in under 24 hours.

So many people lost out – that Paul decided to do 2nd limited set.. yes.. an new theme!

So… today we have Grimm Pistola! Limited to 100 copies each of the men’s and the women’s version. Each set comes with a HUD that gives you three leather jacket looks and 6 shirt looks. The Grimm Pistola and Pistola Muertos themes will not be sold in a set like this again!

Get them while they last – only at the Project Limited Event!

So Naturally I had to run and see.  I got in first try but it took some time to see – things were rezzing slowly.

Let me tell you. The new jacket – RAWKS.  There are only 100 copies.  When i left there were 91.  This is a great addition.  It comes with a texture change hud.  You get choices of 3 leathers, 2 hardwares, and 6 shirt options.  You can wear it with or without the shirt.

So run don’t walk – this is worth the time and effort.

The new LE Grimm Pistola 2 jacket from L&B available now while supplies last.
The new LE Grimm Pistola 2 jacket from L&B available now while supplies last.
The back side of this great jacket.
The back side of this great jacket.

L&B Newness – Love new jeans

I love to log in and get surprises in my inbox from Lapoint and Bastchild.  Lemme just say this is the shop you need to be going to if you want fantastic mesh jeans with HQ textures.

This new package will not disappoint. L&B S’wear “Classic” Jeans – FatPack includes ALOT.  There are 8 different sizes (yes 8 different sizes, so almost everyone should be able to find a size) in 3 different lengths, including a tucked in length so you can wear your mesh with your boots.

The pack includes a texture change hud.  There are 10 different denims in this pack that you can choose from. There are 7 colors (3 silver, 1 bronze and 3 gold) to choose from for the belt buckle.  There are also 12 (yes 12) leather textures for the belt.   The belt also has the option of not being shown as well and is a simple click on the hud.

This is a definite must have for your jeans collection.

i have paired the jeans with the "Moto" tank from L&B.
i have paired the jeans with the “Moto” tank from L&B.
Look at how well the mesh bends and moves and will show off your firm butt quite well.
Look at how well the mesh bends and moves and will show off your firm butt quite well.

Damn I look Hot! ;-)

Ok just gotta say L&B have struck again.  The Modern Closed Pinstripe looks AMAZING. With the ingenious HUD there are many possibilities for this tux. The HUD comes with 4 preset styles for you, or you can be adventurous and mix and match the shirts, jackets, pant, vests, and ties/squares.

The shirts come in Slate, White, Noir, and Scarlett.  The ties/squares in Black Ribbed, Stripe Grey, Bold DK Purple, and Plain Crimson. The brocade work on the vests are gorgeous, Slate, Silver, Dk Violet, and Claret. The Jacket/pants come in Silk Trim Slate, Charcoal, Pitch, and Silk Trim Coal.

Overall I just LOVE this suit and the HUD. When you buy this tux and you know you will, check out the HUD add-ons.  If you buy one complete package, you can buy hud add-ons to increase shirt. tie and vest options for both the open and closed modern tux.  Its just ingenious.  Everyman in SL needs a good tux that is expandable and you can for a small price freshen it up when needed.

The tux shop is here at L&B.

oh and again Damn I look Hot!!

New Modern Closed Pinstripe Tux with brocade vests.
New Modern Closed Pinstripe Tux with brocade vests.

New Mens Jewelry from L&B

As you know Daddy Bear is always on the look out for new things to show ya.  Lapoint and Bastchild just released “Drift,” a mesh choker for men.  Its currently available at 50% at The Boys of Summer Event.

Its a triple rope piece with assorted beads and stone carvings. It evokes lazy beach and surfy days.

L&B mesh choker

The Boys of Summer event runs now through the 29th of July.  Here’s your limo. The Boys of Summer.

Mesh – Standard Sizings – Demos (teeny tiny rant)

I love mesh clothes.  I hate standard sizing.  I finally figured out that I am just off being a Large in standard sizing.  But there is so much variation in mesh.  In some stores I am XL, there is even one store I am a Medium.

Please oh Please, if you are going to deviate from the so-called standard sizings – YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT DEMOS.  Oh hell if you are going to make and sell mesh – just put out the damn demos.

I went shopping at Second Pride in a shop of a very well known SL designer.  Found a great outfit.  Mesh leather pants.  She did not put out a demo.  If she had I wouldn’t have bought.  The pants were IMHO poorly cut and for a large man I DO NOT have pencil thin legs.or saddlebags coming off my ass to fill that big space you left back there.

That is all.