NSFW – Daddybear talks to his favorite Daddys: First up – Jeb Nicholls

I have met some amazing folks in SL.  And I want to share some of them with you.  There are a few that just make me smile when I meet up with them.  Its always a load of fun to hang out and chat.  Do I thought what better way to share my friends with you all is to shoot some pictures and ask some questions.

First up Jeb Nicholls.  I have been wracking my brain to try to remember the first time i met or saw jeb, just can’t seem to lay a finger on it. Well anyway, Jeb is one of the good guys.  Here is 10 questions I been dying to ask him.

Big Daddy Jeb
Big Daddy Jeb

Daddybear:  What brought you to SL?

Jeb:   I read about SL in Time Magazine, and it sounded like fun, and  appealed to my theatrical background

Daddybear: What are your earliest memories of SL?

Jeb:  Looking like the god awful noob I was, and wondering if anyone would ever have sex with me!

The Model for Jeb.
The Model for Jeb.

Daddybear: Did Jeb always look this good?

Jeb:  See above, LOL.  I actually eventually modeled Jeb’s face on this picture….spent hours trying to get as close as I could.

(DAYUM – I think he did great)

Who wouldn't wanna be saved and get mouth to mouth? I mean really.
Who wouldn’t wanna be saved and get mouth to mouth? I mean really.

Daddybear:   You are manager/owner at “Brothers,”  how did that come about? (for those who don’t know BROTHERS is a private club for its members and guests.  If you would like to become a member contact Jeb directly.  There is a dance party most every Saturday at Noon SL featuring the delicious Treat Kanto)

JebBROTHERS was the idea of Butch Horten who owned Butt Pirates.  I worked as a co-host for the Butt Pirates weekly parties, in fact I was part of the grand Opening of Butt Pirates.  Butch and Ars Northmead asked me to manage BROTHERS for them..
Daddybear: You are also the manager/owner at “Blow Buddies,”  how did that one come about? (There is weekly Sunday tea dance at 5PM SL the the grid legend Hotboy Lockjaw).

Jeb:   Dom Bamatter wanted a gay biker bar in his new San Francisco sims, and asked me to manage it.  I have  strong biker fetish anyway, so I immediately said….YESSSSSSSsssss….

Big Daddy Jeb at the new location for Blow Buddies
Big Daddy Jeb at the new location for Blow Buddies

Daddybear:  Do you manage any other clubs that I don’t now about?

Jeb:  Me and Drew Meriborne own a Fight Club called Losers ‘n’ Bruisers. Fighting and sex.  Go figure
Daddybear: What other interests in SL do you have?

Jeb:  I love to fight with Combat Evolution’s Street Brawler system.  I like helping noobs get their act together and polish up their AVs.
Daddybear: How did you meet your partner Shayne?  How long have you been together?

Jeb:  Actually, Shayne was a good friend of Protactinium Thor’s. Pro encouraged me to kidnap Shayne, who I was a host for at his club, Turbo’s Gym.  I kidnapped Shayne, and held him prisoner for 4 days.  Married him on 8/16/09. Shayne built the current version of BROTHERS Clubhouse.

Jeb on his ride.
Jeb on his ride.

Daddybear: What do you think is the key to your relationship?

Jeb: We both like to have a good time, and do things together
final question.
Daddybear: Explain the “Studbuster” please?

Jeb:  That’s what I named my dick!  The old Xcite dicks you could name?  I wanted a memorable name, chose Stud-Buster….anytime someone touched it, they got messages about the Stud-Buster getting excited

Thats the end folks thanks for checking this out. Oh and here is Jeb’s end – DAYUM.

Jeb's Backside DAYUM.
Jeb’s Backside DAYUM.