It Gets Better Project

The “It Gets Better Project” was started by Dan Savage and Terry Miller when they uploaded a moving video to youtube.  Please take a moment to wander through the website and watch the video.

Last year just before Second Pride I asked several people in Second Life that I know if they would be willing to help create some posters in SL in support of It Gets Better.

So was born the first 32 images in the collection, they represent a wide variety of people and experiences.  I hope that at Pride last year they got alot of people talking and thinking. 

After the festival, I was pleased and honored to have Draghan Marksman, owner of the LGBT Civil Rights Center at Brokeback Pride HQ, ask me to show the images at the sim.

When Second Pride Festival 2013 opens you will be able to find the collection at its second home, in a space graciously donated by the Pride committee. 

I would like to leave you now with the latest image to be added to the collection.  I will let the words speak for them self.  Just remember, It Gets Better.

It Gets Better - Doc Spad1