Travelogue: Crestwick Island

This is an interesting little town.  From the land descripiton, Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated on an Island in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined faux businesses and shops as well as parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an observatory.

A great place to get some pictures.  You need to be a member of the group to rez, but if you are using something like Lumipro you should be able to get around that.

Your ride is here.

Crestwick Island Church
Crestwick Island Church
The filling Station
The filling Station and Main street
Cabin decorated
Cabin decorated
The observatory
The observatory
Its snowing up on the observatory hill.
Its snowing up on the observatory hill.
Goodness I haven't seen this game in years.
Goodness I haven’t seen this game in years.
OMG so adorable.
OMG so adorable.

Until next time happy travels.

The Last Show of Molly Bloom (/me gasps)

When I received that notecard in my inbox I was shocked.  I have finally gotten a chance to actually get to the show.  So hurry on over – here is your lift.

This is a beautiful exhibition of the evolution of an Artist with a unique viewpoint/perspective on creating.  Molly’s work is unique in that the finished product is all a result of inworld careful production.  She is a complete artist having learned as many aspects as she can to produce from scratch these amazing works.

First Picture, Faerotica, and building sets
First Picture, Faerotica, and building sets

The next step in the evolution was making poses and learning to control lighting.

First poses and mood lighting.
First poses and mood lighting

Next in her evolution is when I first started watching her development from afar.  Molly’s work took a turn towards dramatic contrasts and shadows.   Molly began creating and producing some really eye catching 3d popping images, combining her knowledge of poses and lighting/shadows.

Second Life Art Is Serious Art 1
Evolution to “3d”

This next set of images from an exhibit at the Rose Gallery is what really drew me into her work.

Second Life Art Is Serious Art 2

These images are captivating in that you look and say WOW she used the lighting to make eveything pop off the page, but then you look close and realize that its a combination of well lite and created images with a combination of 3d pieces added to them to further enhance the illusion.

The last grouping Molly reminds us that SL art should always be fun.

Second Life Art should be fun

I am pleased to relay that from the description of the show this is not the end of us seeing the work of Molly Bloom.  Its just time for her to step back and appreciate where she has been.

Molly and I soon I hope will have a chance to sit down and talk about art, Second Life, life in general.

oh yes one last picture

Molly Bloom
Molly Bloom

So don’t be late – don’t miss your chance to see this beautiful collection – here is your lift again.


Pride is about feeling good about ones life and accomplishments and contributions to “the community.”  Community in Second Life is hard to describe or put your hands on.  There are social communities, business communities, and lifestyle communities.   They never see eye to eye and sometimes just can’t seem to get along.

Quoting from Wikipedia Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.”

That statement in my eyes is the reason behind Second Pride.  Second Pride is one of the oldest, if not the oldest LGBTQ groups in Second Life.  It was established to bring the various communities together for a festival once a year to show ourselves off. To show the good things that we accomplish in our every day lives both in SL and RL.

In my eyes, I am going to state categorically, that it was not established as a self promotion tool for anyone involved.  It was not established to be a super secret club for self-perceived movers and shakers. It was established to promote and bring together the entire community for at least 10 days every years to show off.

In being able to serve the community the board has guidelines and a set of bylaws that guide it in accomplishing their job.  Let me tell you its a big job.  There have been ALOT of anonymous accusations of misdeeds in the past 3 years.  From my year directly with the board never saw any of it.  There have been a great deal of comments in the past of the board sitting on loads of money that should be distributed.  There have been alot of unfounded accusations of board member just stealing money, I can’t speak for past boards, but I can say the accusations that flew when I was on the board were made up lies.

Well as I stated the board was established to put on a yearly festival.  Outside donations to charity are a byproduct of the festival.

Three years ago the board voted to purchase a sim, instead of renting space to hold meetings. In establishing the sim, the board made available meeting and display space to smaller non-profits in world who would be better served not having to spend their resources on tier.  They also established a Second Pride avatar that acts as the banker and is responsible for paying the bills.  As with any organization/charity SP operates on a year budget.  The tier fee for the sim is ~79,500 a month, which means that the board needs to budget 954.000Ls each year to just cover that cost.  Then there is the cost of the avatars premium membership which is approximately 19,000Ls a year.  After the festival the board meets to discuss and take suggestions for worthy in world or real world charities to donate the excess funds to.  The board works with the charities and often seeks out charities that have an in world presence as the transfer of the funds is less complicated.

Records of all transactions are recorded and posted on the SP website.  There is also an audit committee that periodically looks at the financials to make sure that everything is on the up and up.  They have found errors/spending mistakes in the past that were corrected.  To try to overcome any re-reimbursement errors, the board 2 years ago established a policy of all asset purchases are made by “the avi.”

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, Its time for the varied members of the community to come together.  Elections for the Second Pride board will be happening soon. Its time to be involved, whether its standing for election to a board position or volunteering to help one of the elected board members. Details of the election have not been released but should be soon, stay tuned.

Have a great day ya’all.

All good things need an update and sex-starved monkey clicks

Ok – couldn’t resist the click-bait.  There has been a great deal of it lately. (grins)  There has been alot said about this and that and the status of SL. Am not gonna touch that.

BUT – I do want to talk about Linden Village and the neglect and lack of general upkeep i found there.

Lets start with the parcel called “RL Education in Second Life,” the parcel description says “Resources for real-life educators and real-life education in SL. Instructional videos, public meeting area, and a planetarium!” SERIOUSLY.  Lets move with the times people. This place hasn’t changed in the almost 9 years I have been a resident.  I right clicked on some objects and they were made by Philip Linden. Come now Ebbe – set the moles to work on sprucing this place up. We know that they can make stuff and make it look good – this parcel is in desperate need of updating.

the ancient center of learning at waterhead
the ancient center of learning at waterhead

Whats I found most distressing here is there is a spot to learning the basics (for the older residents – think a VERY compact orientation island).  If this is being used as a spot to entice educators, please oh please update to more current information. Case in point, basic avatars.

words fail me on this one.
words fail me on this one.

Where oh where is Torley when you need him.  Aren’t the basic avatars now mesh – wait – isn’t that the daughter of RUTH?

OK serious – i just found out how long its been since an update here 2006.  I got a notecard of opportunities for educators and it had a line in it – Here’s a sample of what educators are doing in Second Life this Spring 2006 semester.

In the next paragraph it talks about your own virtual classroom/island.  It lists what I am assuming is VERY old pricing and to contact  How long as pathfinder been gone from “the lab?”

Wait this is special – I found an old spinning on-line indicator for pathfinder

really - seriously
really – seriously

The intention of the parcel is good – but seriously needs a rethink.  There are some nice places to sit and chat – and a planetarium that needs and updating.

More to come – i just realized that the back of what i am seeing in the first picture is the Linden in world office.  And after that we explore the NWN in world location.

Happy trails.

Its time to kill copybot. LL needs to protect IP rights of residents

OK – enough is enough.  Linden Labs you need to kill copybot scripts.  They serve no legal legitimate purpose in SL.  They only allow thieves and crooks to steal copies of non-copyable items and mass produce them.  This is a major problem in breedables in SL.

Daily a user gets AR by users and reports are filed by the IP owners.  AND still that person is in SL and making illegal copies and stealing money from residents. There are currently multiple CRIMINALS being reported to you and their handywork is popping up on the grid daily.  There are still users on the grid who made copybot breedables well over a year ago.

Its time to ban these criminals.  Its time for you to reach in to the asset servers and pull every last bit of assets that these CRIMINALS havc created off the grid and delete their accounts.

Here is a picture of the latest copybot example found this morning. You can clearly see they attempted to spoof the name of the actual creator of the breedable Amaretto K9s and not the horses.  The person showing as owner of the horse has been copybotting for quite sometime.  Efforts are being made to inform all breedable sim owners to ban this person and their items. BUT its hard to ban the person/items when they can easily be passed to an alt as well.

Ebbe – it’s time for you and your team to step up and do the right thing for the grid economy.  This is criminal activity happening on your platform.  It isn’t just a bad resident to resident transaction. IT’S CRIMINAL and you have the ability to make it right – we know you do.

copybot example


Travelogue: Cyclone Roller Coaster

What a fun spot.  This is perfect for date night.  We went the other night. My friend Jak took me here last year it was a great deal of fun.

The Cyclone is a huge roller coaster.   It can be found here. It is located in the SOHO New York sim.  There are several attractions here including art galleries and a live music venue.  But for me the main attraction is the roller coaster.


The Cyclone
The Cyclone

The entrace to the start platform is at the east end of the roller coaster.  There is room for 6 in each car.  It was just us  that night so we sat in the front.

leaving the station
leaving the station

The whole ride has some amazing climbs and descents.

Climbing up
Climbing up

and Tasty scaring the bejebus out of me on the descent.

He thinks he's the king of the world LOL
He thinks he’s the king of the world LOL

The Ride makes a couple loops around and then brings you back to the start platform.  You can pick up another car there and go again (i think we went 3x).

There is a nice diner beside the roller coaster.

The diner
The diner

and across the way is a replica of a famous Cony Island eatery.


Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Until next time.


Hiding in Plain Sight!

I had an interesting conversation today with a co-worker about hiding in plain sight. He and two others were hanging out sitting by a window ledge, pretending to look busy assuming if they looked busy no one would notice them.  This led to the comment that they were hiding in plain sight.

I got to thinking about that notion. Hiding in plain sight is all about blending in. Going unnoticed being unobtrusive.  I used to be one who is all for that.   That changed when I hit a certain age and experience level.  I will admit I have gotten outside the standard demographic that most shows, games, movies, etc try to target, 25-44.   That is when I realized I have the right to express myself. I have experience, history, and knowledge.  I am my own person and I have a viewpoint. I understand recent history.  I know what Camelot means in reference to JFK. Hell for that matter I know who JFK was.  I understand sacrifice and service to others.

I have conviction and character. I have empathy and caring. I do what I believe is right and fair and of benefit to a the most people.  <Geek alert>  I am a true believer in “The Needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few.”

In this increasingly digital world, it is hard to hide in plain sight.  I have chosen to make my avatar my public side at this point in time due to personal security issues. (I googled my avatar and my RL self once, my avatar is much more interesting – LOL) My avatar is the person I would be if I could on the visual side.  The character of my avatar is the same as my RL.  The biggest change I made with my avatar was to get an older skin and and hair and not pretend to be a 20 something.

There are a few people in SL who know my real name and how to contact me. These few people who know how to contact me also know and understand my personal security issues. But in general, I have been in SL for 8 years and prefer to keep my SL and RL separate as possible. I don’t completely hide behind my avatar.  But in issues relating to Second Life I use this avatar and this blog as my voice.

But now to get back to the original premise Hiding in Plain Sight.  The idea of hiding in plain sight in SL is an interesting idea.  There are many ways to accomplish this, chief among them is to main a stable of alts.  I can understand having an alt.  I will admit that I have 4, three of them work in my store.  Once is my banker. There has been a great deal of talk in the SL blogosphere about who is an alt, who isn’t an alt, and who uses alts to fuck people over.

Hiding behind an alt to do evil things is like hiding in plain sight.  In my mind it is evil, shows no conviction and a great lack of character.  Not taking ownership of vile, blatantly dishonest hateful vitriol shows lack of conviction and character. Playing on an alt to mess with someone shows a great lack of character. Hiding behind an alt to do evil while you pretend to show sympathy and understanding to someone just to gain their trust and to mess with them.  DEFINITE lack of character.

I have been wanting to get this off my chest for some time.  There its done and over.

There it is 600 words.




Travelogue: The Portal Park, Portal Park 1

Decked out in its finest winter decor, Portal Park is a great place to land to look around and to use it as a stepping spot to explore some of the well known Linden destination points.

Inside the barn here you can find the portal to take you to the infamous, not so secret any longer, Cornfield.

The portal to the Cornfield.
The portal to the Cornfield.

This is the portal to “Social Area.”

Portal to Social Area
Portal to Social Area

This is the entry to gain you access to Linden Realms

Entry to LInden Realms Portal
Entry to LInden Realms Portal

The Gnome Village portal area.

Gnome Village portal area
Gnome Village portal area

Entrance to Roam n Rage

Roam n Rage
Roam n Rage

Entrance to The Tea Party portal

The Tea Party Portal
The Tea Party Portal

So if you have been looking for an interesting place to explore or several, here is a great place to start.

Happy exploring.

Until next time.

It’s Beginning to look a lot like winter

Around Thanksgiving the terrain turned white and the trees shed their leaves.  Have been winter decorating for a couple of weeks. Can’t wait for Tasty to get back from RL so we can go exploring what the rest of Second Norway looks like.  The SL map has finally caught up to the sims and is showing it as winter.

Here are a couple of pics of our house in the Norse Basin.

winter SN_001

winter SN_002