My Tasty Babe

As I said earlier this week, Thursday was our anniversary.  I count myself blessed and lucky to have Tasty as party of my SL.  He has snuck a little into RL also (grins).

tasty_001 copy

I have been fortunate to have had relationships in SL that lasted for some length of time.  But this one. OH MY.  He make my heart race, the blood surge, skin tingle.  Get what I mean?  I look forward with great anticipation him coming in world.  He makes me smile and laugh all the time.  And the fact that he is so damn purdy helps alot.

We got to go out dancing last night at Joseph and Paul’s anniversary party at 3Bears.  The whole time i was thinking of him and all the fun we have had and will have.

us_001 copy

Thank you MINE. ❤ U more than you know.