We Need some inworld infrastructure work

Just like in RL roads and bridges need repair work.  Let me share with you the following that I just posted on my G+ page.  I would have posted it on Facebook, but they deemed me not real.

I have been playing an inworld game called GTFO! which is a freight delivery game using vehicles in world. My friend Otto and I recently acquired a parcel on the Jeogeot continent. We discovered that the sim crossing adjacent to our property was dangerous. it acted like pavement was phantom and sometimes would just send us flying or tip us over. Well I filed a ticket. Got to visit with the Lovely Evie Linden on Saturday as she attempted to fix it. She was not so elevated to the Land team. Today Guy Linden stopped by and did some Linden magic and fixed the road. Sent me a note apologizing for the issue. I thanked him for fixing it but told him this issue was rampant. Sent him 2 more photos from the next sims going North on Route 10. I think its time the Moles got out to fix the issues with the roadways. +Second Life +Ebbe Altberg

Its time to put the Moles to work and fix the road and bridges in SL.  I personally think alot of people don’t use them because of the sim crossing issues.  I wasn’t kidding its a rampant issue.  Also I know several bridges that need some shimming up.  I have fallen through some, can’t for the life of me now remember where.

Click the picture for description

That is all.


Guilty Pleasure

Music is my guilty pleasure. I love all forms of music.

I grew up with “country” music.  My parents had the entire Johnny Cash collection.  He was an amazing story teller and performer.

Over the years my musical tastes have gone on many adventures.  I had the great fortune of seeing the AMAZING Warren Zevon in 1982 I think.  This was back before big elaborate stages and extravaganzas.  This was him and his band on stage playing and entertaining.

This was also about the same time I discovered Jimmy Buffett.  He is definitely a great story teller and performer.  I got my first chance to see him summer of 2016.  It was an amazing event.

I still love The Buena Vista Social Club.  If you are not familiar look them up. They became known again in the states through film done by Ry Cooder.  The recordings are full of traditional Cuban music.  The beats are infectious.

Over the years have had many musical obsessions.  My newest the recent music coming from (wait for it – yes I am saying this) Justin Timberlake.  I have really enjoyed the last two albums. The 20/20 Experience and the Man of the Woods.

Justin’s adult music (I forgive him for the bubblegum phase) is quite extraordinary.  He travels with an amazing band “The Tennessee Kids.”  They are a strong Memphis sounding band who easily move between pop, soul, and R&B.  His singers and dancers round it out to be amazing.  If you haven’t seen it “Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids” on Netflix.  A docu-concert by The Jonathon Demme.

In 2015 Justin was teamed with Chris Stapleton at the CMA Awards.  The did Chris’s song “Tennessee Whiskey” and Justin’s song “Drink You Away.”  Here ya go.

Flicking through Youtube the other night I came across this new gem.  Its Justin and his band at the 2018 Brits with Special Guest Chris Stapleton.  The performance starts with one of the sounds he does best smooth dance blend called “Midnight Summer Jam,” and moves into his newest collaboration with Chris Stapleton “Say Something.”



Salvage Engineer Boots from L&B

Released today at faMESHed.  L&B released this great new men’s boot.  Its available in 2 styles – tall (upper calf) and a shorter ankle boot that has sock options.

Available in Jake, Gianni, and SlinkMale fit mesh sizes only.

clean leather
New at faMESHed for January – L&B Salvage Engineer boots for men.

 There are 3 different style options on the hud; clean leather, worn leather and salvaged leather (super distressed). Showing them with the L&B Moto Jeans.

Exclusive only at Fameshed during the month of Jan – opening on the 2nd at noon SLT!

Happy Shopping.

Can’t we just be friends?

I witnessed one of the ugliest moments I had ever seen in a group chat yesterday.

I am not going to name names of who was causing the ugliness.  But the irony of the whole scene was that it took place in the Second Pride Festival chat.

A well meaning soul affiliated with a progressive LGBTQI congregation with a presence in RL and SL offered information about service they were having.

He got “attacked” by someone in the group who was venting at him because in the attacker’s mind all religions or denominations are anti LGBTQI.

Two things went wrong in this scenario – the well meaning soul didn’t get cleared to drop the info into the group chat.

The attacker lowered himself to the ugliness that the hardcore anti-LGBTQI “religious” groups throw at us.

If we are truly going to move forward we need to take the high road – teach, educate and really TRY to be positive.

Rant over.

Personal Space

Processing grief is personal and not something that can be prescribed.

I recently lost my mother very unexpectedly. She had a very rough winter. She had been in and out of hospital and rehab since January.  She was scheduled to finally come home on July 16th. She passed on the 14th. It was a shock.

I process my grief very quietly and alone. I spent 10 days before the service remembering the good things and the challenging times. I knew I wanted to speak at the service. This in the past has been difficult emotionally. For a couple of days prior to the service I sorted out what i wanted to say and the morning of the service I actually wrote it done logically and in full sentences in case I became overwhelmed and
needed someone else to read it.

Where I process internally, my sister processes externally and has to talk. Its hard for me to talk about it all the time. I have somewhat moved on and am choosing to remember  the good things now. Trying to not dwell on the challenges of the past year.

It’s been hard for me to sit and put this into words. I am doing ok. Moving forward one day at a time.  There will be good days and bad days.

It’s been hard to tell people. In SL I have only told a VERY small amount of people. SL is my happy place, where I go to get away for some time daily.

Thank you for your understanding and caring, but please understand if I choose to not talk about it.

Attention Whores and other self absorbed photo takers

It really irks me to see all the self absorbed attention whores on Flickr who join every SL related group they can find.  They then drop every image that they create in every group they belong to irregardless if the image is off topic or not.

I have no qualms with posting fashion shot, I do periodically.  Dropping every vanity and LOTD shot in every group you have found is sad.  I manage several groups and have no qualms about banning or removing group offenders with no warning.

I am not going to point any fingers at specific people.   I am going to reference one group that I am not an owner or mod on.

Imagine Peace Tower – Second Life was created to capture images take of the Imagine Peace Tower that was created by Yoko Ono in SL. The sim is long gone but it is hit by tacky vanity shots and LOTD images.

Also the groups commemorating the work of AM Radio have become overrun with the same type of shots.

JUST CUT IT OUT.  Getting your images in the most groups or having the most views doesn’t make you a SLebrity.  Show some respect and post appropriately.

Ok RANT over.

Newness from L&B – Henley Shirt

L&B strikes again.  I love logging in and finding surprises in my inbox.


Just out L&B Swear Henley – available at TMD for August.  This super comfy shirt comes in your choice of a fatpack (28 color options) or for TMD only there will be four single color choices – Gunmetal, Burnt Sienna, Lt Teal, or Bud Green.

Fat pack buyers get all the colors shown below.  It’s worth that little bit extra for all these great options.

This shirt is available for Gianni, Jake, SLink and AES.

Happy Shopping.