I haven’t done a travelogue in sometime.  Came across this beautiful sim when i was checking out some photos on Flickr. This is a photographer’s dream.

This is the info in the About Land.

☪ MAGICAL MOON VILLAGE ♡ A magical place to live. We offer premium rental options.

Please feel free to contact any member of our staff:

Gac Akina ☎ Calina Andel

The sim is beautiful and wonderfully decorated and laid out.  I have never been to Europe but its how i would imagine some small villages to be there.

Here’s your ride and enjoy the pictures.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

christmas-2016Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Petr and Tasty.

BTW he had a nice sweater but thought this was better. I think he was right.


Pose/Prop: Friendly Christmas by Image Essentials (can host up to 10 people – Great for families) Say hi to Miss K A Y for me when you go there.

My sweater – Rudolph selfies by *CK* Crazy Kitty

Glasses by [STUD INC.] – Kent Glasses


Petr and Tasty test drove new chair

Our friend Lincoln Garnet has just released a new leather chair.  All the details and NSFW pics can be found here.

Travelogue: Harrington Haunted House

Saturday night was date night and Tasty decided to be funny and took us to a sim decorated for Halloween (i admit i am baby i don’t like scary things or small places).  It called “Harrington Haunted House.”  The sim is group owned and it appears to be a group collaboration on the design.

Make sure you set your light to midnight for the best effects.

oh and the LM is  Harrington Haunted House

Have fun and until next time Happy exploring.

I live in a cocoon

SL is like a cocoon.  If you don’t venture out you get stuck.  For me recently (read MONTHS) stuck is good.  We spend a great deal of time at home. By we I mean the delightful and immensely patient Tasty Hastings.  We have been together for almost 5 years.

When we are not at home we are playing an immensly addictive table game called “Can’t Stop.”  We also like to fly and boat.  I am the pilot and he is the skipper.  We have a great boat from Berdav called the Torpedo.

I have a small seaplane and an ultralight we like to fly around in.  We “live” in a primo location.  We live on Norse Basin. Which is adjacent to Cape Kirk in Second Norway.  We have a straight shot to the Blake Sea and many fabulous sights.

We are like an old married couple – we rarely go out cause we only have a little time together when we are here. So we might seem anti-social, but its just us enjoying ourselves.

We do try to do the Sunday sail with Rainbow Sails Yacht Club.  When we can both manage to get there.

I have lots of people on my friends list.  I don’t talk to alot of them regularly and if for some reason i get dropped from someones list i usually don’t notice.  I am not one to keep an eye on my list.  I most often miss people when they are on line cause i only see them when they log out.  (I get a little drop down on log in and log out).

My Second Life is my own. My Second Life is much better with Tasty in it.  He makes me laugh ALOT.  I look forward to when he arrives. I get giggly like a school girl when i see him log in.

There are alot of people on my friends list who i can’t sort out for the life of me why they are there. I have been slowly purging.  I do it quietly and without fanfare.

I purged a “self important” DJ from my list once and it took him almost a year and a half to figure it out. He came whining about being dropped.  I let him back but he dropped me.  So oh well.

I used to work for a couple of breedable companies in SL – alot of the people on my list are associated with that. I need to purge but TBH I am just lazy.

I am no longer on Facebook. I got booted as Petr during the booting storm a couple or 3 years ago. I created a RL account, it was so i could msg with Tasty.  But now he has been booted so we migrated to G+. For the small group of those who know my RL account I have logged out. Again being lazy about cancelling it.

In my almost 10 years in SL i have learned a great deal about human nature. The key thing i have learned is – my SL is my SL and I am in control of it.

Oh and one more thing.  I can be found cruising sometimes.  Tasty knows this and he also knows we are rock solid.  He tells me to “go get some strange” when he knows he won’t be around for a few days.  And we hit these places cause we like to “do it” in public places.

That’s my ramble for today.

Hot Bay City Car Show

Running now through August 27th at the Bay City Fairgrounds is the Annual Classic Car show.  Its worth the visit.  Some really cool classic cars – great deals and fun new toys. (psst Bock – make sure Tomais goes).

I left with a jet car, a classic steam car, Batmobile, and a 1928 Ford Model A truck.  OH and found a great vehicle for our intrepid explorer friend Ziggy.

VW camper van_001your limo is here.

Have fun and enjoy.

Fair Warning – NEW Molly Bloom Exhibit

Molly Bloom at Paris Metro 7_2_16

I logged in the other day and got a texture dropped on my from the amazingly talented Molly Bloom.  (OMG – Fanboy giddy)  She has a new exhibit opening on July 2nd. I am fascinated by her work.

I needed a slurl (here it is), so i ran off to find the gallery.  And lo and behold I ran into Molly herself (more fanboy giddyness).  She invited me in  to look around. I won’t describe the exhibit. I will let you come and draw your own conclusions.  But just let me say, I am drawn to the illusion of depth that she creates in these masterful images.

The show officially opens on Saturday the 2nd of July.  But you can drop by now.

If you would like to see more of Molly’s work from previous collections, drop by her gallery in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel. Here you will see her amazing work mixing 3d with 2D.  This is truly inspiring.

My Friend, the much honored laird of Southern Charm, the venerable Bock McMillan, stopped by to pay the exhibit a visit – here are his thoughts.