As Pride Season approaches I want to share this again…

Five years ago i started working on a project in Second Life. It started after i saw some very moving videos supporting the “It Gets Better” project.

7270593050_b45f22122b_oI would like to continue this project.  If you would like to be a part of this, please IM me in world and we can arrange a time to meet.



Belleza Male Mesh Introducing “Jake”

I have seen some pictures and early reviews.  This is a hot toned work.

belleza Jake_001

To read a review go here to SL Registry.  The package costs $2999L.


L&B Swear Salvage Denim Shorts

I love these shorts.  New from L&B for the May TMD sale.  Swear Salvage Denim Shorts.  They come with the usual array of options that we expect from L&B.

Fantastic Hud with color options and option to turn on and off the belt.  The announcement from L&B says it has 18 texture options, but I counted 19 on the hud.  Woohoo.

It comes in a variety of fitmesh sizing, AES, SLink, Signature, and standard sizing.  Should be something to fit most everyone.

Great addition to the wardrobe for summer.  And Paul makes your ass look Hot in these shorts – just sayin.


New Blazer and V-neck from L&B

Its always fun to get surprises from Paul Lapointe.  The new L&B Swear Blazer Fatpack is out this week exclusively at the April round of TMD.

As usual Paul doesn’t disappoint.  The jacket comes with 14 Jacket options and 36 V-Neck Tshirt options.  Also comes with a hide the shirt option.  Great casual wear for a spring time stroll, drinks or dinner.

**Only at TMD there will be four single jacket packets – singles are available in Lt Jade, Slate Blue, Navy or Brown and come with 5 t-shirt options**

The beautiful tailored jacket currently comes in sizes for Slink, Signature and 5 standard sizing.  Paul reports that they will be introducing Aesthetic version at the end of the month.  The fabric cutter needs to rework the patterns for the jacket and shirt to work for our AES friends.

new landB_001

The New Blazer and V-Neck from L&B.

jacket options

Blazer Options

no shirt option

Shirt 1 options also showing the shirt hiding option.

shirt options

Shirt options2

Hope you enjoy and happy shopping.

Travelogue: Beautiful 4 Seasons

So Monday was date night and we went out to explore the lovely ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***, created and curated by Inkie (Inkie Loudwater).

Its a lovely coastal community that is having a rough winter.


Fresh Market near the landing spot.


Tasty is a man of many talents – who knew he could play harpsichord.


We took a little break.


That had to be a helluva storm.


Lovely Cabin with some interesting wildlife.


A romantic balloon ride.


Sheep up on the hill.


comfortable seat at the end of our journey.

Until next time.

So re:my stalker

Ok to start I have a very loving husband. We are solid. He has given me a permanent “hall pass” to go play if I want.

So with that knowledge I went to Hubs about a week ago. Was chatting with a decently put together naked avi. We after some chatting we ended up at his place.

In the middle of me banging his ass he puts out there in chat that he is falling in love. Should have been a red flag to tp out. But no. I tried to discourage that idea. But got him on my list for potential future hook ups. 

Well he started IMing me every time he logged in. Told him one night couldn’t talk that my husband was due soon. He asked if he could meet him I said no. Well when tasty logged in he had a friend request from the stalker.

I told tasty what happened he laughed. And stalker is soon to be dumped from my friends list. He can’t see me on line at the moment.

That is all.


I have another stalker. Details to follow.