I was challenged by his Eminence the Laird of Southern Charm to take part in a new campaign to fight #AIDS stigma.

From news.com.au: #weareALLclean fights AIDS stigma with photos of hot, naked men:

“The sudden spate of shower selfies is the brainchild of activist Jack Mackenroth, who wants to raise money to fight HIV and AIDS while ending the stigma around the condition.

Men are being urged to take photos of themselves in the buff and post them to social media with the hashtag #weareALLclean, while linking to a donation page to find a cure for AIDS.

“I was inspired by the use of the word ‘clean’, especially common in gay culture, to describe oneself as STI/STD free”, Mackenroth says.

“This implies that HIV-positive people are somehow ‘dirty’. I thought a PG shower selfie or video would be a fun way that everyone could easily show their support on social media for finding a cure by using the hashtag #weareALLclean when they post their photo with the link. Then they donate what they can and nominate 3 or more other people to participate.”

The campaign is taking off online but is far from $1,000,000 goal in donations “
I am a little late to the party – but I am always up for a challenge.
I nominate Nigel Cleanslate, Kip Ashbourne, and the sexy duo of Ralphy Triellis-Ludlow and Scott Ludlow-Triellis and the super adorable Rocky Constantine.


  1. Take a selfie or short video of yourself in the shower or bath.**NO EXPLICIT NUDITY**
  2. Post your photo now on Moovz and all social media platforms with the caption “Take HIV Shower Selfie Challenge raise $ for AIDS cure bit.ly/CUREAIDS #weareALLclean
  3. Nominate 3 or more other people to participate!
  4. DONATE! Please donate if you are able. Every dollar counts! bit.ly/CUREAIDS
  5. On World AIDS Day (or before): Monday, December 1st, please change all your social media profile pix to your shower selfie photo and spread the word!!!