No H8

I have been pondering a Daddy bear posting for Thanksgiving.  Been thinking about it all day.  What could I say, what should I talk about? Then it came to me thanks to the charming Bock McMillan.  I came back to sit at the keyboard and he had passed me a folder labeled No H8 2012.

I am thankful that I live in a RL location that recognizes that who and how I love matters, and that just because i choose a different way to express it than you, it is no less valid.

With that said.  I leave you with this picture.

Travelogue: Summer Garden

Late this past summer I went exploring.  I came across a lovely location called Summer Garden on a sim called Fairy Tale.   Well I shot some pictures and made a note to go back soon.  Well I just got back to it and unfortunately the sim appears to have gone.  I got the no valid parcel msg when I tried to go there.  So this travelogue is for places lost.  Please enjoy – I will amend this post with the rest of the shots in the coming days.  Also more travelogues to some – Tasty has returned from holiday.